This company is born from taste, as a woman, in everything it means to always be fashionable. There arises the idea of ​​being able to search for and bring to ourselves the best of a great Mexican culture and folklore. Dressed up went from being a personal taste to a company that has been growing significantly in several countries where we have been chosen with our products and designs. We are proud to be able to share with so many women this wonderful world and creations of so many Mexican artisans. No matter how much we will continue to strive to continue being liked by all of you and to be able to say, Where are you going so dolled up?

  • Mission

    Our mission as a company is to always meet the highest quality standards for our products. We also seek the greatest satisfaction of our customers by creating a close relationship with all of them and demonstrating that what is made in Mexico is well made.

  • Vision

    Perpetuate Emperifollada as a company that meets the standards of quality and satisfaction that our clients deserve when choosing us.